This is the first drawing of a 5-part series called “The Women He Told Me He Wanted to Bang”. 🛬🍆 This series goes out to the musician who felt the need to tell me about *every* woman he’d seen on MTV at home that day while I was at work, and whether he thought they were worthy of the attention of his stoned, broke, dirty dick. 🍆🚿💤 Today’s entry is Fiona Apple, who I’m certain would have had even less interest in paying his Guitar Center bill than I did. 🍏🙄🍏.

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I'm Maggie. I'm often comically pissed off about things, I am petty and immature, and I have many tribal tattoos from the 90s for which I refuse to be apologetic. I used to be the singer of a band you never heard of in South Florida and have had the misfortune of dating many musicians. I have a book coming out later this winter, because who doesn't.

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