This is the third drawing of the 5-part series called “The Women He Told Me He Wanted to Bang”. Today’s entry is the 90s songstress Jewel. 💎 He told me her song “You Were Meant For Me” was about how her boobs were meant for his face to motor-boat them. 🍉 🚤🍉 I probably would have found this more amusing had I not been his girlfriend, so it’s really more my fault that I didn’t laugh.  After all, his wit was exceeded only by his inability to pay an electric bill.  🚫💰💡 It reads: “Dreams last for so long, and even longer for you, because you sleep until 2, you loser.”


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I'm Maggie. I'm comically and tragically pissed off about things, I am petty and immature, and I have many tribal tattoos from the 90s for which I refuse to be apologetic. I used to be the singer of a band you've never heard of in South Florida and have now successfully become a writer you've never heard of in South Florida.

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