This is the fourth drawing of the 5-part series called “The Women He Told Me He Wanted to Bang”. 🍆👎 Today’s entry is one of my favorites, the incredibly cool and totally awesome, one and only, Juliana Hatfield. 🎸👸 🎤

He told me that he was pretty sure that if he ever met her in person, that she would want to be his girlfriend because he could “sense it”. 🙄

He could also “sense” when I had $5 to my name, which he believed meant he got to add mozzarella sticks to his order when we went to Denny’s. 🚫🧀🚫

The metronome reads: “A heart, a heart that hurts is a heart, a heart that’s not paying for those damn mozzarella sticks that you ordered when I already told you I only had enough money to split a grilled cheese.”