This is the fifth drawing of the 5-part series called “The Women He Told Me He Wanted to Bang”. 🍆👎 Today’s entry is sassy and bespectacled, fabulous, one and only Lisa Loeb, about whom he said could “Stay” on his “knob” anytime and that, unlike me, she could totally pull off “the glasses thing”. 👓 I told him I wished he could pull off the “showering thing” more than once a week. 🐎🚿

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I'm Maggie. I'm often comically pissed off about things, I am petty and immature, and I have many tribal tattoos from the 90s for which I refuse to be apologetic. I used to be the singer of a band you never heard of in South Florida and have had the misfortune of dating many musicians. I have a book coming out later this winter, because who doesn't.

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